Our Mission


Beyond The Bars is a 501(c)3 student driven and community based music and resource connection program that is dedicated to interrupting cycles of violence and divestment while helping our students recognize their immense potential and bright futures.

Where We Are Located/ Our Home Base at the CEC

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Beyond the Bars is located throughout the city in over 45 music labs throughout the city thanks to a number of partnerships with incredible orgs. Whether it be homeless shelters, trauma clinics, recreational centers, schools, community spaces or jails Beyond the Bars operates to ensure that accessible spaces are available to our city’s talented young artists. To see the full list of spaces that we are at click here:

Beyond the Bars current HQ is at the historic Community Education Center (CEC) at 3500 Lancaster Ave. The CEC is known for being home to a wide array of talented artistic groups and community leaders. Every day our students walk into our space they can possibly watch an accomplished Jazz group, local theater or dance troop or African Drum Circle perform or witness a beautiful art exhibit. Our talented young musicians are constantly surrounded by compassionate artists at what has been a staple of the West Philadelphia Community for over 50 years. To learn more about CEC click here.